Colonel Harrisons Long Eared Owl Circa 1900
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Colonel Harrisons Long Eared Owl Circa 1900Colonel Harrisons Long Eared Owl Circa 1900

Colonel Harrisons Long Eared Owl Circa 1900

Log #212

Latin: Asio otus

Size: 43X32X17CM

Colonel James Harrison of Brandesburton Hall, in East Yorkshire, was a traveller. While travelling through the Congo River basin in 1904 he met the indigenous Pygmy tribe of the Ituri Forest. On 1 June 1905 six Africans arrived in London on the Orestes. They had been coaxed from the rain forests of the eastern Congo by James J. Harrison. Their infamous stay in Britain included recording the first African music and attending Princess Victorias birthday party at Buckingham palace.

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